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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just Can't Sleep

 Here we go again, long night, even longer days. I do whatever I can to go to sleep but never seem to be able to. The neighbors next to me are back at it again.
3 am, the same time every night they are getting it on. I am single which means I don’t get as much action as they do because they have been together since they moved in. So I just lay here and fondle myself wishing I was getting some action too. Sometimes it gets to noisy and I just get a drink and go outside and stand on the balcony.

This was so tiring to me. I have tried ear plugs and also tried leaving my headphones on, and nothing works. I really want to go knock on the door and ask them to keep the noise down but I don’t know what I would run into once the door is open. “Forget it,” they won’t know if I don’t say anything,” I thought. So I got out of my bed nude, put on my rob and went next door.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK…the action is still going, so I turn around and go back to my apartment. Just as I did the door opens. It was a woman standing behind the door, trying to hide herself.

 “May I help you,” she said breathing heavily.
 “Could you keep the noise down a bit?”

“I am trying to get some rest and at the same time I hear your little friend over there wearing you out. I really have to get some sleep so can you please be considerate?”

 She apologized and closed the door. The next day I took some time to do a little cleaning once I got home from work. These walls are so thin, I could hear this lady talking about me to her guy friend. She was talking about how rude I was knocking on the door at such a crazy time of the morning. I didn’t care. My point had gotten across so I have nothing to worry about. I over hear that her guy friend was going out of town for a whole week.

 “Wow sleep for a whole week!” I thought.

Finally can get some rest from so many sleepless nights. Later that night I had myself a night cap, went on to the balcony and sat down in one of my plastic recliner chairs.

 “Hey you!”
I hear coming from the neighbors balcony, “Damn it’s her.”

 “ I’m so sorry that we make so much noise at night,” She said.

 “I haven’t seen my boyfriend for a long time and I am just trying to enjoy him as much as I can before he left again. “What does he do?” I asked.

“He’s in the army and leaves every three months” she said.

So we continue conversing on the balcony until she invites me over for a drink. One thing I notice is that she is actually a really nice person, just a freak.
The apartment looks like a sex dungeon inside. There was no odor in the air, but you could still feel warm inside like you’re about to get it on the way the place looked. Red and black paint on the walls, ceiling swings, and all types of toys  on the coffee table.

“Dang girl, yawl into all this stuff?” I asked.

“Why do you think we keep up so much noise?” she exclaimed.

“We like to try everything to keep it interesting!”

I thought I was in a scene from Real Sex from HBO or something. We kept drinking and drinking and drinking until I finally had enough.

“I have to go,” I told her.

 “No, don’t go.” I really want you to watch this new movie I just got in the mail today. Looking crazy in the face, I asked, “What kind of movie?” “Girl, it’s a flick,” she said. But its involving women only!

 My man doesn’t know that side of me. I decided to check it out. It was already really late so I thought why not. She put the movie on and I felt hot almost immediately. Looking at her, the room, the toys…I just couldn’t help myself. So...”Hey girl I need another drink.”

“I ran out, but I have something to smoke it you know what I mean.” She pulled out a gray box that had some of the strongest smelling funny grass I have ever smelled. This chick rolled it like a pro, lit it, and pulled on it once and coughed like a lung cancer patient. When she passed it to me I knew that once I got the feeling that would be all she wrote. The movie is on with the volume turned down to a medium pitch. It’s getting intense as we both sit on the couch half nude. She is really getting turned on because she gets one of her smaller toys and began to play…

 “I mean, right in front of me girl,” I asked.

She was like,” Uh un girl, I got to get me one.”

 So as I watched her, and looked at the movie, I began working myself over. It was funny feeling because I never did this before. Another woman,” hell naw,” but I was curious. We then turned off the movie and she grabbed my hand and we went into the bedroom. Took off the rest of what little we had on and began to explore each other’s body. I was shaking, nervous, breathing heavy, but liking every minute of it.

“I never did this before,” is all that went on in my head.

 “Come here and let me do you, “she said. I felt her tongue on parts of my body that hadn’t been touched in ages. Before you know it, we were making just as much noise as her and her boyfriend makes when he’s over here. I couldn’t believe it.

She made me SQUIRT...all over the bed and her. She did the same. But she kept bothering me, and touching me, til I just couldn’t handle it any more. We went tit for tat as long as we could until we both fell asleep. The next morning I woke, and the room had looked as if no one but me had slept there all night long. I smelled breakfast cooking and looked at the clock.

“11:30,” I shouted. I got my panties and my tank top, put back on my robe and went into the kitchen. “Good Morning girl,”

You slept a long time, she said. Still hung over from last night, I had never felt better… thinking of all that loose tension I released last night.

 “We had fun girl, we have to do this again!” I agreed, though it was something new for me. But I was actually surprised of what I did.

 “Am I gay now?” I kept questioning myself.

“Am I attracted to women too?”

 This is so crazy but I guess a thing like this only happens in the movies. This was true life and I was open to it. We continued to hook up whenever her boyfriend was gone. But now I can honestly say,” since that night, I have been able to sleep soundly through the noise every night after.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

She Wanted To Show Me

I’m a cable tech in a busy city.  The area I usually install in are literally infested with women.  Some are married and most of them are not. NO BIGGIE!!!  I’M a man so being a tech in my city can be pretty interested, but this day was kinda different.
It was a Friday, and I had just taken the previous 3 days off. Getting back to work can be hard, but I like money so I have to make a move. I really wanted to get a head start this morning because, like everyone else, I wanted to party that night. So in order to get off early, I got to start early.
Getting in my van I get my first call of the day. A text stating that my first install if for a lady by the name of Lessy. I called a friend of mine to see if he ever did an install for her, so I can know what to expect. (Are there dogs, little kids running around, etc). He said that he did not do an install for her so he couldn’t help me. Her install was the first of the day, so I followed the proper protocol. First I sent a text to my boss that I was on my way to the job. Called Lessy to make sure she was home. “May I speak to Lessy please?” This is me,” sounding like she was still in bed. I told her that I was on the way there to install her cable. If it’s too early then I can come back later. She said she had some errands to run when I am done so coming early is okay.
I did everything I could to make sure she was ready when I arrived at her home.  Knock knock knock!!
Lessy was standing behind the door when she opened it.  I could tell she was barely dressed so I suggested waiting in my van till she was dressed.
15 minutes past and I looked up and she was on the porch signaling for me to come in. “Sorry I took so long, its still quite early, but I’m glad you came.” Lessy had on a long T-shirt and shorts but you can tell the shorts were too big and the shirt was large and loose.
Once I located all of her cable outlets, I began to get to work.
“I have to get ready for work so can you get the cable up and running in my bedroom?” I like to watch television while I’m getting ready,” she said.”
“Sure!” I walked in the room and began working at the cable outlet by the window. Lessy asked,” Do you mind if I watch you?”
“Naww, that’s fine!”
While I was working, Lessy had taken off those shorts and threw them to the foot of the bed. I began to sweat because I knew she was exposed under her shirt. I was looking out of the corner of my eye and then saw her take off that large shirt. She actually had on smaller shorts and a sports bra.
I was getting very difficult to work because I was sweating heavily, she knew I was nervous.
Next she removed all of her clothes and stood in front of me and said,” I’m getting in the shower, so hopefully you will be done with the cable in my room by the time I was done.” “Yes ma’am,” I said.
Once I heard the shower come on I immediately began to work a little faster because I know my weakness. It’s hard to resist a naked woman, but I’m trying to be professional.
I then finished and went to the living room. Lessy came out with a towel around her waist and her naked top half exposed. “I just wanted to thank you!” “No problem,” I said. Trying to look but not look.
I continued working on the cable in the living room when the phone rings. Lessy walks out of the room totally nude. Came to sit on the couch with her legs open and talking on the phone.  
“Ms. Lessy you are really making this difficult for me!”
“I just like being comfortable at home, and since I don’t have to work then I don’t have to get dressed right?” The sweat began to really start racing down my face now.
All I could do is shake my head and move to the last room to complete the job. She followed me with her nude body everywhere I was working.  I held my tongue, I held my tongue as long as I possibly could.
“Damn you fine Ms. Lessy,” Felt bad as soon as I said it!
She said,” Thanks..I hope you enjoyed everything you saw!”
I played it off by saying, “Yes the house looks nice and so do you Ms. Lessy”
Ms. Lessy began to blush and right as I began walking out the door she pinched my ass!
When I turned around she said,” Before you go do you think you can help me out with one more thing?  “Sure! Anything cable wise” I said.
She came close to me and touch my crouch area and I immediately jumped back.
“Ma’am, I don’t wanna loose my job!”
Ms. Lessy said,” I just want u to help me with a toy of mine before you go.” Looking at the rest of my schedule, I had to hurry to my next job.

My heart was beating fast and I just couldn't take it anymore. I reached out and touched Lessy on her breast. She made a loud sigh, turned me on like a light bulb.  I really started commenting on how bad she was and the more I talked the more she was turned on.  This is turning into a fucking crazy day....

Lessy took my hand and pulled me into the bedroom. I threw my body behind hers and pulled my penis out and rubbed it across her naked ass. She was like," don't be scared, take it!"
As bad as I know I shouldn't, I put it in anyway. It was warm and I was so hard. She is on the dresser looking in the mirror at me behind her slowly stroking her insides. 

"This gets no better than this," I was thinking in my head. I'm so deep and hard in Lessy she uncontrollably keeps cumming because I feel all of her juices flowing down my penis.  AND THEN, AND THEN,  WE-uH, WE_uH, let go!!!!!

It was messy but it was good. Was it because she was a stranger? Or was it because it happened while I was at work? Who knows...!!

Lessy lies down and in a real sleepy tone say's,"I know after this you might not have a job, but if you keep my body maintained, I will take care of your lil change if you loose your job." I'm not paying for all your shit, but I will look out for you because you were so good." 

I get in my van and drive off. Pull out a square and cut the music on loud and burnt off. Damn there night time...riding back to the shack thinking about all the time I fucked off just for some pussy. It's crazy what some women would do if there is a stranger around.

Have you ever did something naughty to someone who just met or was a complete stranger? Share with me your experience as I did mine so readers can also get turned on just as you did.

Well I kept my job, and Lessy calls all the time pretending that her cable is messed up just to get me over there. "Beepringingringbing" excuse me ya'll that's my phone,"Hello, Yep, I'm on it!"

Glad I saw what I saw and did what I did because to be honest.....


Sunday, August 21, 2011


                  I just moved in a new apartment complex. This would be somewhat different from the last place because I heard that most of the people that live here are single and available. I specifically moved here for that reason, not to indulge in some freaky swarray, but to actually find a genuine person. The scenery is nice and I really like the fact that my apartment is right by the Jacuzzi and the swimming pool. 

               As I was unpacking my things and hanging pictures, my cell phone rang. It was the landlord letting me know that my mail box key has arrived. On my way to the office, I hear,"hey you!" When I turned around this guy asked me was I the new tenant that stayed next to the swimming area. - the best dating site for sexy, successful singles! - the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!

I told him, yeah! He said,"well there is a chick that lives right next door to you that is a bit of a mystery. He went on to tell me that they always have these Friday night gatherings by the pool. Mainly for trying to get to know everyone in the complex, and  possibly to get lucky. "What is so mysterious about her?" I asked. He said," She    

never comes outside, and she never comes to the gatherings. For some reason she stays to herself and never gives anyone the time of day.  "Well dog, if you see her try to talk to her." You might be able to get her out of her shell. "Why me?" I asked. He said because you are new and she may be willing to talk to someone new aside from all the other guys here who have tried to hit on her.
                So the next day, I had awaken about 4am, because being in a new place makes me happy but creeps me out at the same time. Laying in my bed, everything quiet, I hear a real loud scream. Not a scream where someone was getting hurt or anything, but a passionate scream. The first thought I had is," Somebody must have gotten through to her." Next I hear some grunting noises and moaning. This didn't help me at all because I was in bed alone and I am hearing someone getting their freak on. This was too too much for me.
                Night after night after night the same routine, loud scream first, and then comes the grunting noises.
 I lay in the bed starring at the ceiling wondering if I should go and knock on the door. I did. She came to the door in a thin teddy and asked," how could she help me?"  Me being the man I was, single and very sexually deprived, I said," Hi, I'm the neighbor next door and I thought something was wrong, so I came over. She had a mean look on her face that wasn't inviting at all. 
                "I was just minding my business!" she said. "I have someone in the back room so I have to go." She slammed the door and I went back inside of my apartment. Puzzled of course! Then right when I got in the bed, I get a knock on the door. "Who is it?" "Your neighbor" they said. What a surprise! When I opened up the door, it was her. The first thing she did was apologize to me for being so rude. The hardest thing to do was to not look at her body with that see through teddy. "I am the type of person that stays to myself."she said. "The last neighbor I had was always trying to come in my apartment, until this one day came where he had actually broken in my place" she explained. "From then on, it was hard for me to trust anyone." "But after he was arrested and moved out, I began to be somewhat sheltered and didn't want to come outside much." "I am a business woman, that barely has time for anything or anyone else but work."
                 I expressed to her that I understood, but I was still curious about the screams and moans I was hearing coming from her place.  "Do you have a boyfriend there with you?" I asked. She said," Actually no." Then I asked," Well whats all the noise about in the middle of the night?" "Were you dreaming or having a nightmare of some kind?" She said," That's none of your business!" So I told her that I'm going back to my spot and  it was nice meeting her.
                Weeks had past and we haven't said a thing to one another for a while. I came home one day an as I was coming up the stairs she was sitting on top of the stairs, in the same teddy, uncovered leaving nothing to the imagination. "None of the units have A/C" she said. "This is why I'm out here like this because its too hot!" Well she got the HOT part right. I went inside of my apartment and for some reason it was cool. I went back out and asked her," Do you want to come inside of my place for a little while?" I have some air. 
                When she came in she was like,"ooohhh it is cool in here." I told her she could stay as long as she wants. Spend the night even. She did stay the night.
                 Later that night while she was sleeping I remembered that her apartment was still unlocked. So I went over and began snooping. I went through the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, and yes the bedroom.
I opened the bedroom closet and a life size dummy man falls out and knocks me down.

He was made of heavy real skin feel like material, nude and actually built like a real person. He had a fake john and everything. Looked in her night stand and found a whole gang of sex toys. "So this is the reason for all the noises she makes at night" I thought.
               I rushed back to the apartment, and when i came in she was on the couch wide awake with a very subtle look on her face. "You were snooping in my place weren't you?" I told her that "I did." Only because I wanted to know why you made these sexual noises at night time the way you did.
She went over to her place, came back with 2 dildo's and some lubricant. 
              She explained that she had not had relations in about 3 years and needed to take care of herself often. Then she asked if i would help her out in that area because she felt she could trust me.
              We exploded juices at the same time and it was the best I have ever had. I never knew something like this would actually happen because, it only happens in movies. This was my movie and I treated the situation as such. 
              Her secret was that she was an adult toy lover and felt it was safer. Having these toys to pleasure herself is what helped her stay satisfied and not be too anxious to have a man in her life.
***Today there are a lot of women like this, who feels that the toy is better than a man. So what happens when you get a man and can't enjoy him sexually because your so use to using sex toys. It would even be harder to hold on to a good relationship.
      Toys are a wonderful thing if this is for you and your enjoyment but don't replace a thing with a thing. There are plenty of men in this world looking for the same thing that most of you all are looking for. So mingle, and go out. I am not saying to go and look for a man but leave your options open. Make sure you take the time to get to know him, and don't give it up too quick. But in the mean time, toy away next encounter may be right next door. 

"There is more to this story....Stay reading to see what happens next.